Energetic Stones: What are they? properties, meaning and benefits

Stones are a beautiful creation of nature, many of them have energetic properties, scientifically they are minerals and classified as crystals, in this article we will see about energetic stones, what they are, as well as their properties, meaning and benefits. So if you are curious about these stones it is best that you stay with me.

Energetic stones

Meaning of energetic stones

Each energetic stone has a different meaning, which its bearer must know before acquiring it, some symbolize peace, tranquility, serenity, love, ambition, loyalty, luck, protection and many other things. To learn more about the meaning of a particular stone, you can go into more detail in the article of each stone in the list above.

Properties of energetic stones What are they for?

Well we come to the most important part and is that these stones have faculties and physical properties and mystical or magical, as many say, to protect from negative energies, absorb positive vibes, treat certain ailments or discomforts both physical and emotional.

As I told you with the meaning, each energy crystal has different properties, that if you want to see in depth you must look at each stone in detail, but also below I show you the most relevant properties that we can generally get from these stones.

  • Healing properties:

Many of these stones are used to treat different physical problems, this is known as gemotherapy. And it is an alternative to enjoy good health taking advantage of crystals or gems. This should not replace medical care, it is extremely important that you have it clear.

Protective properties:
It is one of the greatest benefits of energy stones, its ability to protect us from bad energies that can reach us maliciously or not but can cause us a lot of damage. These crystals absorb these bad energies and some are only responsible for attracting only positive energies into our lives.

Properties of emotional character
Not only are crystals used to treat physical ailments, they are also used to eliminate emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression, bad memories, insecurity, despair and other problems that alter our emotions and feelings.

  • Mystical Properties:

Other great faculties of some stones is in how much to the mystical, the power to attract the luck, the money the love, they are benefits very well taken advantage of for some carriers of this type of stones.

How to use energetic stones?

Generally these stones activate their mystical capacities with the fact of having them near, as long as you have faith in them, you can use them as if they were an amulet, in a bag or wallet, or simply leaving them in the home or room if you want to protect your home.

It is recommended that you look for stones that feel affinity with your zodiacal sign many of them are also used in different chakras.

Another way to use stones or crystals is to wear them in the form of jewelry, I personally love this option because it allows you to carry comfortably everywhere any type of stone in the form of a beautiful jewel, whether a pendant, ring or whatever you prefer.

How to clean energy stones?

Any type of energetic stone, be it quartz, tourmalines or whatever its type, you must clean it periodically, not because of the fact that it is physically dirty or to remove dust or something like that, if not as I have told you before, these gems absorb many negative energies to protect their wearer, then through cleaning it is stripped of all this negative charge.

The cleaning to purify the energetic crystals is quite simple, there are several ways really, the one I use is to place the crystal in a glass container and add enough sea salt or water directly from the sea, leave it so for at least 3 hours, although it can happen until the next day if you prefer.

Once this time has passed, remove the salt with the help of a clean cloth, place the stone under a tap of water, with the water running and visualize the crystal clearing you of the bad energies. To activate and charge it is advisable to leave it under the light of the full moon all night, with that and you will have your gem totally clean and charged to continue using it.

This process is recommended to do when you first acquire the stone, no matter if you buy it or give it to you, clean it before using it.

List of energetic stones